Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Here's A Light For Halloween Night

Due to ALL of the ideas I had and WANTED to create for the kids' Halloween parties and for the trick-or-treaters, I was so THANKFUL to Jill Dubien, over at Meet The Dubiens, for sharing some of her ideas BEFORE Halloween.  I totally snagged this glow stick idea.  Simple.Cheap.Creative.Original. & Practical. Glow sticks are so affordable, thanks Dollar Tree, that there is truly NO excuse to say, "I can't afford to do that!"  It's also the MORE low maintenance goodie bag item to assemble.  

What you need:
Glow Sticks (8 for $1.00 = .12 cents each)
Heavy Duty Card Stock Paper 
Labels (free)
2" Circle Punch

Basically, this goodie bag item should only cost you .12 cents PER child.
Print label
Cut label with a 2" circle punch
Stick, with tape, two glow sticks to the back of the label
As Jill mentioned, be careful when assembling. I ruined at least 10 glow sticks by accidentally snapping them while trying to assemble. I'm glad I had extra.
TOTALLY impressive, colorful, and FUN!
I made these for Tyson, Lilah, and Jaxon's classmates as well as a few friends from church.  I saw many of Ty's classmates out, Halloween night, and sure enough, they had their glow sticks on.