Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Camo Day!

Last week, our children celebrated "Red Ribbon Week" aka drug awareness.  The children were able to submit a poster, for the Red Ribbon Week Poster Contest, advertising, "Love yourself, do NOT do drugs!" Our boys worked hard on a poster, but we were ONE DAY late turning it in. There was just soooo much going on that I failed to remember the due date.  :(

Each day, the school had the children show their support for Red Ribbon Week by having a particular dress code. See below:

Monday: Wear Red (We forgot)
Tuesday: Camo Day
Wednesday: Hat Day
Thursday: Jersey Day
Friday: Wear Your "Fun Run" Shirt

I also made the kids a special camouflage lunch.  What was inside? A juice box, wrapped in green paper and orange stickers, spelling their names.  Sour cream and onion chips (green chips).  Green grapes.  I used my edible markers to make a camo colored PBJ sandwich. Their sweet treat was camo jelly bellies. I also snagged a few army men, from Jax's toy box, and stuck them in the center of each sandwich.  
I divided the camo jelly bellies into clear bags and tied the bags with some camo ribbon.
I also made their snack camo-like and fun. These Duck Dynasty "animal quackers" were a cool find, that I spotted at Wal-mart, back in September. I had NO idea what I would do with them, but when camo day was announced, I was so ecstatic to have these to use!
There are all the Duck Dynasty men cookies!
I also enclosed some "marbled" colby jack cheese, I thought it replicated a camo pattern, and topped an applesauce with some camo scrapbook paper!!!
For Lilah, we spotted this tacky, camo outfit at Wal-mart, at the last second.  We will NEVER put this on her again.  LOL! Worst $7.00 ever spent.
 Ty just wore camo sweat pants.  I spotted these at JC Penney's.  They will be re-worn, just because for him, it works.
 My handsome Jax.  I love how happy they are in the early a.m.
 (Above): Just another peak at their fun camo lunch.