Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Fun Run Day!

On the last day of "Red Ribbon Week", it was Halloween AND the school's "Fun Run" aka walk-a-thon.  The school's dress code that day, "Please have your children wear their Fun Run t-shirts!" These shirts were supplied to each student for free. WOW! I LOVE that the PTA thought to make the shirts orange and black.  So festive! It was an easy dress code, but I had, long ago, bought the kids some adorable Halloween shirts to wear for Halloween.  Sigh... I instructed the kids to wear their Fun Run shirts until they walked and then I asked both them and their teachers to allow them to take the shirts off, so they could sport their Halloween shirts.

Below: my goofballs before school, sporting their Fun Run shirts.
Halloween day could NOT have been filled with ANOTHER thing.  I was finishing up crafts, goody bags, and party snacks up until the VERY LAST minute I was due to leave and arrive at the school.  I went to the twins' Halloween party, since I am the classroom mom, and then I met Ty outside and walked about 4 laps with him. It was each student's responsibility to raise money to support their "Fun Run".  The school's goal was $8,000.00, but the students wound up raising over $13,000.00. So impressive. Our kids raised $75 each ($50.00 per child from mom/dad and $25.00 per child from grandad/grandee). All of the money raised goes towards supplies for the school: i.e.: playground equipment, computers, classroom supplies etc.
YES! This is how I walked the four laps with Ty.  Fortunately for me, it was not only Halloween, but Tyson thought it was cool.  I know my days are numbered.  Eventually, Ty will NOT think this is cool, but rather embarrassing.  I was dressed this way because I was a part of Lilah and Jaxon's Halloween costume parade.
Enjoy the shortest clip ever of Ty and his buds walking the track!  They had a live dj there.  The kids were allowed to request their favorite songs!