Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Today, I went into Walgreens strictly to pick up some baby vicks and vapor soap for my dear friend's baby who has the flu. I had a Halloween exchange, something I broke, and upon arriving to the clearance Halloween aisle, BIG BOLD flashing signs read, "90% OFF ALL HALLOWEEN ITEMS".  Me and another shopper were having a field day picking through everything.  Take a peak at what I bought and the savings I received. MANY of these items will be given out next year to teachers.  

Make Up Set - Normally $6.99 paid .69 cents.
 Light Up Halloween Cups - Normally $5.99, paid .59 cents.
 Boxed Game of Halloween Bingo - Normally .99 cents, paid .10 cents.
 Eye Lash Set - Normally $9.99, paid .99 cents.
 Little Witch Cups - I will use for Saint Patrick's Day - 2 for $3.99, paid .39 cents.
 A Halloween Platter - Normally $4.99, paid .49 cents.  I bought two.
Go out and get yo' self some STEALS and DEALS at Walgreens.  They are basically GIVING this stuff away.  I saved over $20.00 today!!!!