Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A Young Entrepenuer

The other day Tyson went up to his room and was missing for about 20 minutes.  I didn't know it at the time, but during that 20 minutes he was going through his crazy collection of books and weeding out the ones he didn't care for or has already read. He came downstairs with a bag full of books.
He said, "I'll be back!" Of course, I said, "Wait, where are you going?"  He said, "I want to make money, so I'm going door-to-door to sell some books." Oooooooooooo-k, I thought.  You can't really go door-to-door now a days.  It's truly just not safe, but I figured he knows which homes have children and which homes don't, so I let him. This defintely made my chuckle and BIG TIME.
 He even conned his brother to go with him and offered him a small commission fee.
 Jax is such a dear and is ALWAYS willing to do ANYTHING for his brother.
The first door he knocked on he made $4.00.  LOL! And when it was all said and done, he made was $11.00.  It appears, to me, as if he is following in his grandfathers' footsteps.  Both grandad and poppy are and always have been entrepreneurs.  I'll take it!!!

Later on in the week, a parent came up to Darren on the football field and said, "Do you know your son is going door-to-door selling books?"  We all just laughed and laughed.