Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Oh My Girl....She Keeps Me On My Toes And Laughing.

Oh my Liley BO.... she's always causing laughter, entertainment, and so many other emotions flowing in our home.

A Sign On Her Door: Lilah wrote, "No boys allow....ed".  I read that as, "No boys allowed" and that's how she meant it, but, her daddy read it as, "No boys!  Allow Ed."  When Darren got home, Lilah was so excited to show him her handwritten sign, hanging on the outside of her door. Darren exclaimed, "Um, you have some explaining to do.  Who's Ed?"  She was royally confused. LOL!
About a week ago, Lilah and I were playing an "intense" game of Candyland.  I was winning and she didn't like that.  She tucked her head down and I said, "What's wrong Lilah?"  She said, "I keep praying to God and ask Him to give me the ice cream cone, but He's not listening!"  OH BOY was that a teachable moment or WHAT?  Haha. I think that's the way we THINK God should work (grant our every desire/wish).  Ha!  He knows BEST.  He knows what we need and what we don't need.  She didn't need that win.  She needed to be humbled.  
We had a special day planned while the boys went to a Virginia Tech game.  First, lunch at Wendy's. Next, a trip to PetSmart to buy "Baby Girl" some goodies. Finally, off to get a mani/pedi.  Sadly, the mani/pedi ended BAD.  The manicurist accidentally dropped the nail polish wand and the nail polish splattered onto Lilah's clothing, lips, and into her eyes.  It was very painful for her and created quite the scene at Natural Nails.  We went home unpainted. :(
The second week of school, Lilah had the nurse call me to tell me that her tummy hurt.  I never know what to do in these situations.  If I don't pick her up I feel like a selfish, neglectful mommy, but inevitably, nothing is ever wrong.  I picked her up because my guilt wouldn't allow me to leave her there, but I ran her ragged instead.  I had an agenda that day and her tummy hurting was NOT going to stop me.  She had had enough of my laundry list of errands and chose to fall asleep, on a "borrowed", warm blanket, from Target's linen aisle.  I bet that will be the last time she "calls in sick" for no good reason.  She wound up being FINE.  I think she was just hungry.
One thing about Lilah will always remain, as far as I can tell...She WILL always be a girly girl. See below, as she tries on mommy's high heels!