Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Putt-Putt Golf & Movie Night!

This past Friday we took some time to spend as a fivesome.  It was long over due.  Football season has it's DEFINITE pros, but it can also be very taxing on our family unity.  It's just a season of our lives, which requires MANY sacrifices on every single family member in our home, but with all of that said, I wouldn't want Darren and Ty to stop doing it.  They love it and it is teaching them great life lessons.  

We chose to take the kids to dinner and to putt-putt golf.  I didn't spend the evening capturing photos of us trying to get a ball in a hole.  Darren and I don't break down and just have fun as much as we probably should.  I need to start breaking out the board games on a random Friday night.  He and I are both very competitive.  I was leading the way or we were tied neck and neck throughout the entire game.  I was typically in a 2 point lead.  On the 14th hole, Darren fell to the ground after the ball hit the hole, on one swing, and popped out.  Putting him another point behind me :)  
Instead, I spent the night enjoying my family.  When we were through, I had the cashier snap a photo of us.  Daddy wound up being the winner in the end, by two points.  

Darren and Ty enjoyed the batting cages after we finished our 18 holes. 
It was a blessing to be together.  I forgot how much I valued it until we finally were able to be together again!

After a very long, hardworking Saturday day, we spent the later part of our evening on the couch together.  Sadly, I can honestly say I am not sure this has E-V-E-R happened before.  Okay, maybe ONCE, but that's a stretch. Darren and I NEVER watch movies.  Our personalities just can't tolerate a 2 hour movie.  There's always so much to do. This FELT SO GOOD to be snuggled together on the couch. The photo below was unplanned, but once I saw our feet all together, I knew it would be a special photo to capture.  It felt so good, Jax and I fell asleep. LOL!  We watched the movie Super 8.