Monday, September 22, 2014

Neighborhood FUN!

Our family was blessed, over 6 years ago, to move to Russlen Farms.  It's a gorgeous neighborhood, located in the Shenandoah Mountains and it is filled with many amazing amenities, such as a pool, clubhouse, gym, playground, and walking paths. In the near future, we are supposed to get a soccer field, basketball court, and more... We shall see.  

Having three children of our own and being our home's lot came with a GIGANTIC backyard, it didn't take much to realize that we belonged in Russlen Farms.  Sadly, it has taken this long, to finally begin seeing children play together. This is just another perk to public school.  It pushes the kids to be outgoing and social with one another.  Had the kids not been introduced to each other, at the bus stop and/or at school, who knows, this neighborhood may still be a ghost town OR worse, it would have been left up to the parents to help the kids "make friends" with one another.  

Ty, Jake, Jax, Conner, Brendan, and Alex
On Saturday, Ty and Jax went from door to door collecting kids.  LOL!  AND I'M NOT KIDDING.  Both boys and girls played a few rounds of kickball and then boys chose to boot the girls out, so they could and play football together.
Finally, when you are cooking for 3, what's 6 more, right?  I ran to Food Lion, grabbed hotdogs, chips, and popsicles and invited everyone to stay, last minute, for dinner.  It felt good to see my kids and the OTHER neighborhood kids playing together. 
There were actually MORE children there than photographed. (2 more boys and 1 girl, but they couldn't stay for dinner).  
I am looking forward to seeing this happen more often.  It's good for the kids and it's especially good for ME.  It helps me to grow in my seeking to show hospitality.  LOL!  It's a good thing children are so forgiving (you know, if the house isn't clean or the food isn't perfect).   

NOW, I can officially say I love everything about our neighborhood.  I was contemplating moving because the kids just didn't seem to play, but it seems like that's no longer an issue.