Monday, September 22, 2014

Glenvar High School Vs. Grayson County High School Football

On Friday night, our family, as well as, MANY from our Church and the "Littles", from the Highlanders' Team, attended the Glenvar High School football game.  Of course, we wanted to support our local high school players, but it was also Glenvar Youth Booster's night.  It happens every year... the youth athletes/cheerleaders, from our local town, get to run onto the field, at halftime. It's always fun for these children to receive their 15 minutes of stardom.  
Before halftime, we watched the BIG BOYS! Jake, our Pastor's son, is #5, hence the reason you see so many shots of that particular jersey #.
I really enjoy watching Ty play football, but when I watch these BIG guys, it scares me.  The sounds of them tackling each other are ear piercing! I'm wondering if Ty should continue playing once he reaches high school.  Eeeek!
GO Jake!
Can you spot Coach Darren and Coach Nick?
What about cheerleader Cami, Taylor, and Mahre?
My handsome #7 is almost dead center below! GO TY!!!
The team is asked to leave the field.  "Your time is up!" The coaches push it one step further. The team screams their chant, before removing themselves from the field.
We interrupt this already schedule program to bring to you photos from Jaxon Reid Bolling.  This is what happens when the five year old steals your camera.
Miss Megan!
Ms. Brittney Abner (that'll teach her to make that face for the camera again!)
Mr. Aaron's boo boo and Kate!
I stole the camera back to take pictures of the pretty girls, cheering on the sidelines, with the BIG High School Cheerleaders.
Cami is the background... see her "biggest" fans, way below, watching her?
"Go, Fight, Win!"
"Let's Go Glenvar!"
Lilah with Miss Megan!
Lilah ~ "Can I do your hair?"
Miss Megan ~ "Sure!"
Okay.... BACK TO FOOTBALL! Jax actually took this shot too! Final Score 51-0.
Enjoy the videos below.  The first video is of the boys/girls running on the field, at halftime.   It always creates loads of smiles and laughter, as well as, nerves. The second video, is a video of the youth cheerleaders, cheering with the High School cheerleaders, during the second quarter. To view ALL OF THE PHOTOS, captured that night, double click on the picasa photo album below.  I did NOT edit all photos and I am still trying to figure out what setting my camera needs to be on for this type of atmosphere, so don't expect amazing shots. :( The lighting, at these games, makes me feel like I know nothing about photography.