Thursday, September 18, 2014

Glenvar Highlanders Vs. Salem Spartans - Game #3

Above: Ty passes the ball to Gabe!
The Glenvar Highlanders played the Salem Spartans last night. It was a definite nail biter type of game!!! Ty played BOTH offense (Quarter Back) and defense.  We went into triple over time. Tyler Johnson intercepted the FINAL plays of the Salem Spartans. The Highlanders won 20 to 12.  Enjoy the photos of last night's game. I posted my top favorites, but you can see them all below.
Above: Gabe attempts to block the ball.
Below: Gabe tells #0, "Talk to the hand!"
 Half time! All ears on coaches.
 Ty (QB) getting the play from dad coach.
Down, set, HUT!
 Ty trying to tackle, but he got hit in the back first!
Gabe makes the field goal, at the end of the game, causing the win to be untouched. Way to go GABE! That was impressive.
Tupe made an interception which ended the game!!!!
Double click on the picasa photo album below to view all of the photos captured at last night's game!! I was having GOOD luck with my camera.  The game was intense and the twins were with me.