Sunday, September 14, 2014

Glenvar Highlanders Vs. Salem Redskins - Game #1

The Glenvar Highlanders "brought it" last Monday night, as they played the Salem Redskins, final 27-12. Due to the rain and positioning, I am less than thrilled to share these photos, but several parents have been asking for them, so here they are... Come out and support the Glenvar Highlanders, tomorrow night, September 15th @ 7:00 pm, Salem Field.
I'm not really sure what's going on here? Why are we tackling our own players?
During this game, Ty's head coach, Coach Johnson, his mother was hit by a speeding vehicle, in the parking lot.  Sadly, she broke both of her legs. The team pulled together, collecting money to purchase her a few special gifts. The Fresh Market also donated a beautiful basket filled with ALL of her favorite, healthy snacks. The team donated, collectively, over $150, which was impressive considering I only asked for $5.00 per family.  We bought her flowers, a gift card to the Fresh Market, magazines, a crossword puzzle, a book, called "The Power Of A Praying Woman", a beautiful journal, an over-sized card, a singing balloon, gum, and mints.  
Lilah and I were able to deliver all of the goodies to her on Saturday.  Mrs. Johnson is such a lovely lady.  The gifts caused her tears and really touched her.  Liley and I prayed with her before we left her room, at Richfield, asking the Lord for a speedy recovery. Please do the same, for her, if you think about it.  She is a dedicated, hard working nurse of 30+ years and is devastated to leave her patients behind, while the nurses serve her.  We are grateful that it was NOT a child who was hit because I do not think the outcome would have been as secure.