Friday, September 12, 2014

A Request From A Loyal Reader...

It's so exciting when I receive requests and/or comments from my readers.  I take it seriously and value it beyond ways you could not imagine. It's just plain cool when people look to our blog as a resource.  On Wednesday, I received this email from a reader:
Hi Kristin!  I hope you are doing well.  I wanted to send you a quick note and tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog.  Especially the topics on organization and back to school.  I think you know I also like to be well organized but not sure I can compete with you at all!  So last night we get home from school (after soccer practice) and I'm going through Parker and Paige's school bags and I commented to Mark that I'm going to drown in papers this year and I began thinking about you.  I've only got two and now that you are dealing with this with three in school I'd love to hear any thoughts/ideas you have on keeping school papers organized.  How do you decide what school and/or church work gets saved and what gets trashed?  How do you store/organize what you've kept?  How do you keep up with papers that need to be filled out and sent back to school?  All this without cluttering my kitchen counters?!  Maybe you've already blogged on this topic and I some how missed it so please let me know!  THANKS and GOD BLESS! ~Debbie Nichols.
I can totally relate to Debbie and as a matter of fact, I was drowning in paperwork too, last week, and I told Darren that I felt like I had more homework than the kids had, just from placing our children in the public school system.  I was ALREADY in the process of figuring out a system that would allow for this painful reality to be as pleasurable and organized as possible.  If you feel the same way as Debbie or if the picture above looks like an area in your house AND you just don't know where to begin, be on the look out for a post on HOW I decided to organize our family's paper flow. Thank you Debbie for allowing me to share your email and for being a loyal reader.