Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Apple + Jax = Apple Jacks

After deciding what Lilah would bring for "All About Apples" show and tell, Thursday, I was racking my brains for Jax. Clearly, his show and tell had to be just a "juicy" as hers.  After the kids left for school this morning, I was cleaning up breakfast. One of my children had apple jacks for breakfast and I noticed they didn't finish it. I began talking to myself, saying (oh- and don't act like you don't ever talk to yourself - yes it makes you look crazy, but when no one else is home, it seems normal) "How could one NOT finish a bowl of apple jacks?"  "APPLE JACKS!"  Ding, ding!  The light bulb went off.  I've got to incorporate APPLES, JAX, and APPLE JACKS together for show and tell.  Low and behold... that's exactly what I did.  

Man O' Day if Jax's name sure did come in handy for this occasion!

I created a word document on my computer, using a piece of apple clip art, a catchy phrase, and word art!  I am very pleased with the outcome. Feel free to use my file to create your own catchy phrase, for your child's classmates/apple event. This apple craft/snack would also be perfect for an apple orchard field trip.  To receive the file, just ask me via email, and I will send it your way.  I need to figure out how to create download files for my viewers. 
Punch a hole through the apple. String an array of apple jacks through a pipe clear and walaa!  The final outcome is adorable. Jax was laughing so hard when I showed it to him.  He cannot wait to show his classmates.
On the apple it reads: "Apple + Jax = Apple Jacks"
On the leaf it reads: "Watch out for the worm!"