Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A Hungry Worm!

Every Thursday, Lilah and Jax have show and tell. The first three weeks they had either "free choice" or they had to bring something that started with the letter "A/B" and "C/D".  This week, they were instructed to bring anything related to apples.  I had some ideas: applesauce, apple iPod, a photo of them at the apple orchard, caramel, apple lollipops, etc.... My list was endless and all original, I must add.  LOL!  My brain was in turmoil trying to be as clever as possible for them.  My final idea was also original.....

What shows up sometimes in apples, UNINVITED?  A hungry worm.  

I bought the following:

(2) Fake Apples ($$$ Dollar Tree $$$)  LOVE THAT STORE!!!  These would be $6.99 at Pier 1 or Target. 
(1) Bag of Gummy Worms ($1.50 Kroger).
A printable/excerpt from the book, "A Very Hungry Caterpillar"

When Lilah pulls out her show and tell tomorrow, I think her classmates will be thrilled to know they not only get to SEE it, but they also get to TASTE it.