Friday, August 29, 2014

What's For Lunch?

This year I am super excited about attempting to make the kids' groundhog day lunch a tad more exciting.  My kids don't value lunch meat, so peanut butter and jelly OR peanut butter and fluff seem to be the only viable option. I've been fishing around and trying to encourage them to eat the school lunch, as well, but they aren't biting the hook. I am really excited to get my creative juices flowing and at least make 1-2 fun lunches a week. I'm thinking maybe Mondays and Fridays will be the fun lunch days.  Everyone needs a fun way to both start and end their week.

On the first day of school, I ALWAYS make my children a fun lunch.  I'm NO artist, so at times this is a very challenging task for me. I think I did a decent job, considering I have NO artistic ability and I created it all on my own... YES, no help from pinterest or my favorite blogger.
The Sandwich: 
A sandwich cut out in the shape of an apple. I knew the "bite sized" sandwich wouldn't be enough for Ty, so I used the scraps and my edible markers to create a piece of looseleaf paper.  I LOVE IT! Looking back, I should have used the black marker to create the holes on the side.  The "A, B, C's" are gummies.
What items did I use?
Apple Cutter:  A.C. Moore
Edible Marks: Michael's Craft Store
ABC Gummies: Fresh Market

A Salty Snack: Scrabble Cheese Itz
I took this snack a step further and spelled out their names. YES!!! That means I had to dump the entire box to find the letters I needed.
I found these at multiple stores, but I bought this particular box at Target.
These crackers will be MORE fun when the twins know how to  spell and read.
A Dairy: Cheddar Cheese
I used my pampered chef mini cut-outs and my alphabet cut-outs to create this look.
A Fruit:
An orange! I pre-peeled it for them, for ease, and I inserted a Leaf Bento Pick to create a fun effect.  
A Sweet/Encouraging NOTE!
There you have it! Sadly, I am not sure my kids even recognized any of the detail! This is so typical of them. They are so used seeing my work, it's just a part of their everyday life, in some way! Sigh.... LOL! Honestly, it's for them, it's for me, and it's for my readers!!! I know someone will appreciate it, if it's not my kids.  
Be on the look out, for a post, of the NICE collection of lunch supplies I have been collecting over the Summer. This is one of my new favorite adventures/hobbies lately!