Thursday, August 28, 2014

Apples For Teachers!

Some call it "brown nosing" others calling it "showing thanks!" I'd like to think that everyone knows brown nosing doesn't really work...does it?
I have a special "label" on the side of my blog and a pinterest board titled "Apples for Teachers".  I have documented several of the gifts that I have created/purchased for those special people, in my children's lives, who teach/mentor them throughout the year.
For both Lilah, Jax, and Ty's teachers' this year, I geared the gift around APPLES.  I wouldn't dare give the boring coffee mug and although gift cards are probably preferred, I just COULDN'T do it - not yet.  Notice I recycled the buckets that I used for the kids' back-to-school party/breakfast?  
What's in the bucket?
"Beautiful Day" Apple Lotion (Bath and Body Works) 
An Apple Visor Deodorizer (Bath and Body Works)
Fresh Picked Apples Deodorizer Insert (Bath and Body Works, not shown in photo)
Extra Crisp Apple Gum

I received this printable, over the Summer, through a blog that I follow called "Parties and Patterns". I held on to it incase I wanted a little something extra to include with teacher gifts this year.
I grabbed two bags of smarties from the Dollar Tree, mason jars, and the printable.
I aligned the printable to fit into the mason jar perfectly.
Filled the jar with smarties!
And finally, wrapped it up in a cute gift bag!  Again, notice I reused the printable from the back-to-school party and glued it onto the gift bag.  The adorable, ivory, burlap daisy also came from the Dollar Tree.  
Why do I have three gifts?  ONE was for the bus driver.  I did a real quick search, at the last minute, for "bus driver printables" and couldn't find anything appealing or cute.  I searched and searched and eventually found THIS printable.  I LOVED IT!!! I know it made Ms. Robyn feel appreciated.
It reads:
"When I grow up I want to be a rockstar, cowgirl, tap dancer, princess, school bus driver, cupcake sprinkler."  
So stinking cute!!! I hope you have enjoyed seeing our "Apples For Teachers".  It really wasn't anything BIG, just a little something to show that we love and appreciate them. t have ONE more gift to report on, but it is NOT going to be given to the teachers until FRIDAY! :) Be on the look out.  I thought I would begin and end their week with a thank you!