Monday, August 18, 2014

Under The Sink Organization

A place that rarely is considered...
I am ALWAYS looking for something to organize in my home.  I just love to organize, clean, binge/purge, and REPEAT.  Last year, I re-organized underneath my sink by lining it with new, thick shelf liner and some clear bins from the Dollar Tree.  I figured there is no sense in using good, quality bins in an area that is not visible to most and gets gross and sticky.

The above photo shows what underneath our sink looked like BEFORE I revamped it again, TODAY! It wasn't unorganized, but I had an abundance of glad plug-in outlets and and few other things that were driving me MAD. A few weeks ago, my stepmom texted me the below photo and said, "I could see you doing this!"  
I'm not exactly sure where she found this photo, I assume pinterest.  Either way, I LOVED the idea and decided to save the photo for a rainy day project, literally. Today is the perfect rainy day to knock out a few home projects.  First, I emptied and wiped out the area underneath my sink.  YOU ALWAYS need to start with an empty and clean surface when re-organizing.  
Then, I threw out items that I no longer needed or I hadn't used in ages. I suggest anytime you are organizing to make 3 piles: keep, throw away, and give away. In this case, the only thing I really had to give away were brand new plug-ins, but I couldn't think of anyone who really needed them.

I soaked the liner in a sink of hot water and fabuloso and placed it back underneath the sink.  I use liner because inevitably something leaks: be it your garbage disposal, pipes, or cleaning products.  
I had already pre-purchased my retention rod shower curtain rod.  
It was time to install the rod. VERY SIMPLE!  Just insert the rod underneath the sink and open the rod to your desired width.
I didn't have a TON of spray bottles, so I used one side, of the retention rod, for spray bottles and the other side for a extra roll of paper towels and my cleaning gloves. 
I used a push pin to hang a few items that didn't fit well anywhere else.  
 The paper towels will ONLY be used when I run out of the ones on my kitchen counters.
I used an OLD candle decoration to store a few glade plug-in outlets and I threw the rest of them away.
I'm thrilled with the completed project.  It literally took about 15-20 minutes to do.  You really should give it a try. It's an amazing space saver.  

***Disclaimer: I do plan to purchase some good quality, clear spray bottles and empty the store bought chemicals into them.  I don't like the look of the original containers that my cleaning products are in.  The clear spray bottles will give it a crisper look and will be much easier to spot.  I will post the photo here once I complete that step!***