Monday, August 18, 2014

Back-To-School Preparations!

We are ONE week away from back-to-school for TY and Kindergarten for the twins.  It's so crazy to believe my home will be empty from 7:04 am until 2:44 pm. Holy Toledo! So many people are dying to know just what I plan to do "with all that time", but I have many friends who say, "It's not really that much time! You'll blink and the bus will be arriving home!" I do plan to spend the first MONTH getting this house cleaned up, from things that I had to slack on during the Summer, as well as organized. I'm not saying that the house is a disaster, but it's just not the way I would prefer it.  I also plan to volunteer at the kids' school and possibly help out at my church.  Everything really depends on how much time I actually do have.  Of course, I am super excited to get refocused on a cleaner diet and longer workouts.

We have been preparing a ton for the first day of school on August 25th.  Check out all of the details below: videos and photos of Jax/Lilah's trip to the doctor for Kindergarten shots and check ups. They may be twins, but their reactions to things are certainly NOT twin-like, especially when it involves needles.  
The nurse and Physicians assistant did their check-ups since Dr. Delaney was over booked!
A few weeks ago we went school supply shopping.  MAN O'Day... buying for ONE isn't bad, but buying for THREE is quite a difference in price. I think our total was $121.
I captured this picture while school supply shopping.  Jax was doing "Eenie, Meenie, Miney, MO!" to finalize his notebook selection.
Teacher assignments arrived in the mail: TWINS received Ms. Dixon and Ty received Mrs. Rottkamp.
Jax's Kindergarten testing with Ms. Dixon.
 Lilah's kindergarten testing with Ms. Dixon.
The kids have also picked out their snack bags, lunch boxes, and book bags. We have received them all, but several of the items are being monogrammed, so I will share their selections with you later. YES...I actually let them pick. Surprisingly, the twins chose exactly what I would have wanted. Ty on the other hand... eh.... you can tell he's 1. Growing up and 2. An athlete.