Monday, August 11, 2014

My Daughter's First Love!

The other night, Lilah was waiting for Darren to tuck her in to bed and she said, "Daddy will you....?" I don't recall the name of her specific request, but it's a private, fun thing that the two of them do on the floor together.  Darren said, "No, it's time for bed!" He walked back into our bathroom to spit out his toothpaste and that's when Lilah began saying the following...

"I don't love you anymore because you won't...!" AND "That's not very nice of you daddy!!!" AND "We never have time together anymore!!!" Boy was she laying it on THICK.  She knows exactly what to say to twist and turn daddy's heart into knots.
At first Darren's response was, "Oh... you don't love me anymore? Oooooo-kay, well maybe you can find a new daddy."  I very politely told him that that comedy fretting might go over well with his sons, but that Lilah was NOT hoping for that type of response. Little girls aren't looking for comedy, but rather, tender love.  I guess that struck a nerve, so Darren immediately said, "I'm just teasing you Bow-skeez.  Daddy will take you on a special date this weekend... just YOU and I!" 

And so the countdown began.  I believe that was Monday night, so Lilah had an entire 5 days before the "date night" arrived. I was unsure of where Darren would take her, but as the days grew closer and closer, a suggestion was made to me, by my friend Lisa, and I relayed the suggestion over to Darren just incase he liked the idea AND he did. It really was a great idea. Lisa said, "Ohhh, you know where Darren should take Lilah?... to "The Candy Store"."  This was a PERFECT idea for so many reasons:
1. WHAT KID doesn't like candy?
2. The candy store must be new because we had never been.
3.  Lilah and I had plans to attend the "Wizard Of Oz" play, downtown, that same night so, having candy to eat, during the show, would be a perfect way to keep her still, until the sugar started getting deeply digested into her system of course.  LOL!
Lilah got all dressed up for her Daddy and off they headed to "The Candy Store".  Our entire family was actually headed downtown for dinner, but daddy and Bow-skeez left before us, so they could have their date FIRST.
Being the snoop that I am and being I have to capture EVERYTHING, the boys and I quickly hopped into the van and began traveling at a higher rate of speed to catch up to them.  We parked in the garage, just two cars down from them, and jetted onto the downtown streets, in search for the daddy-daughter duo. Luckily, we spotted them. I brought along my long lens and was able to capture the "sweet" moments of these two walking to "The Candy Store".
I just LOVE that she brought along her "baby"! With kindergarten around the corner, I wonder how long she will hold on to it.  
Below: I almost got CAUGHT or so I thought. I could have sworn Liley saw me, but she didn't.  OR... maybe she heard her brothers saying, "No fair!!! Why does Lilah get to go to the candy store and we don't!" Oh and for the record, I would never normally intrude on their date, but we were meeting these two downtown for dinner, so I felt justified. :)
Lilah chose to wear her fancy, sparkle shoes, for daddy, and for "Dorothy" (later that night), but her feet began hurting her, so I guess she asked her daddy to carry her.
 Off they go....
 Closer and closer to the candy store, but farther and farther away from us!
The boys and I ran into the Farmer's Market and a few other shops.  We picked daddy up a surprise and we greeted him with it after meeting back up with them!! Of course, as we joined back up, Lilah showed her brother's the gigantic bag of candy, filled to the brim, and boy were they J-E-A-L-O-U-S!!!! 
The special car ride and the trip to the candy store was definitely enough quality time for this age. Darren offered to take Liley to the Wizard of Oz Play, but honestly, I was really excited to go (so although he was willing, I am sure he was thrilled to NOT have to sit through that). When Darren and Lilah were through at "The Candy Store", we reunited with them and walked downtown, in search of an agreeable place to eat.  We happened to pass the candy store, so the boys asked if they could just peak in there. I was quite curious myself.  
Can I just say that these photos DO NOT even light a candle to the BEAUTY of this store and the magnitude of the candy selection.  We have been to "It's Sugar" in Myrtle Beach (which is GIGANTIC) and this store, BY FAR, beats the quality of that store. They hand candy from every decade of life, current candy, unique candy, funny candy, nostalgic candy, and LARGE candy.  This is going to be our new REPORT CARD reward outing for Straight A's.
We decided to eat at "Thelma's Chicken and Waffles." I really wanted to try Benny Marconi's Pizza, but the kids had eaten pizza the night before.  At dinner, Lilah told us all about her sweet conversations, in the car, with daddy and how they sang some of their favorite songs together AND "reaaalllllly loud".

I know this is a memory that is deeply implanted in not only Lilah's head, but also in Lilah's heart. Darren, thank you for giving her this special time with you.  You are her first love!
The relationship an earthy father has with his daughter, will determine her relationship with her Heavenly Father.  Therefore, fathers treat her like she's a daughter of the King.