Sunday, August 10, 2014

Accessorizing My "Apple Juice"

Since moving from iPhone 4/iPod 4 to the "5's", our quantity of "apple juice" is very scarce. In our home, we only have 3 iPhone 5/iPod 5 chargers.  Inevitably, we are always saying, "You have MY cord!" and inevitably, the other person says, "NO!!! That's MINE!"

I couldn't take it anymore.  I was being blamed for taking my husband's phone charger, Ty was taking mine, and it was an endless battle UNTIL... I found this ADORABLE washi tape at Office Max. I explained to Tyson what my plan was and he was thrilled.  He too hated the constant manhunt.  I allowed Ty to pick out the tape that suited his taste and tonight I was FINALLY able to decorate our cords.  
Directions: Pick out your favorite patterned washi tape!  The choices are ENDLESS!
 Collect ALL of the cords that your little heart desires to decorate identify.
 "Tape" the accessories the way you desire.  You could just tape the plug, but I chose to tape the cord too!
Ty's = Sunglasses
Darren's = Blue Stripes
 Kristin's = Green Dots
 NO MORE QUESTIONS on Who's Cord is WHO's!!!!
 And I had to add this funny thought, below, from pinterest