Thursday, August 14, 2014

Mini Pudding Pies

I spotted these mini pie crusts, at Kroger, and thought it would be fun for the kids and I to make mini pies out of them. We made two types of puddings pie fillings: Banana Cream and Sugar-Free Lemon.  
Since pudding is easy to make and there are very few steps, I pretty much allowed the kids to make the pudding on their own.
 We filled the pie crusts with the instant pudding mixes that we made.  
 Inserted a tooth pick, covered the mini pies, and refrigerated them until we were ready to decorate and eat them.
After dinner, I sprayed the pies with whipped cream and set out 6 clear dishes of "toppings", which consisted of white chocolate chips, colorful sprinkles, vanilla waffers, heath bar bites, trix cereal, and mini chocolate chips.
I think the kids had WAAAAAY more fun decorating these miniature pies than actually eating them. 
Of course the kids went over board while "decorating" their pies, so they didn't enjoy eating them as much as I thought they would have.  It's similar to what happens when we go to Sweet Frog.  I tell the kids, "It's NOT the MORE junk you put in your frozen yogurt, the better it will taste.  Actually, it's the COMPLETE opposite.", especially since their selections are Nerds, Gummy Bears, and Sour Patch Kids.  EWE!
All that really matters is that they had fun making memories together as they "baked" their pudding and "decorated" their mini pies!!!!