Thursday, August 14, 2014

Football Season In Full Gear

Yes, football season is up and running, but that's not the kind of "in full gear" that I am referring to.  What I mean is that tonight was the FIRST night the boys were allowed to practice in full gear aka with pads. Ty was so anxious to get to practice tonight. I guess it's a boys' full desire to tackle someone else... or at least MY boys' full desires.  LOL!

Enjoy some quick and less than flawless shots taken at Ty's practice tonight, during the tackle drills.
Ty is #11 and Gabe is #43 - Best friends, football buddies, and brothers-in-Christ.
My man aka "COACH D"
Coach Rob giving Ty a play to run.
After every single practice, all 29 boys and their coaches huddle together to FIRST pray to God and then to scream their chant.  This is the part I LOVE and the reason I am thankful Darren coaches.  We do NOT live in a Christian bubble. We are going forth and ministering to the world. #thegreatcommission 
Tonight, the twins entertained themselves by hanging out with Brady Loader! He was so kind and sweet to them and took a genuine interest in them, as a big brother or Uncle would/should.
It will definitely be hard to beat last season's record, but we can try :) To view all of the photos taken tonight, please double click on the photo album below.