Thursday, August 14, 2014

Jax Was FINALLY Approved For The GapKids Contest

My "Jaxey Joe"'s contest entry was originally denied.  I was STUNNED.  After all, he has to be my cutest kid :) They don't give you specific reasons why, but they do have a very intense, strict, list of rules, since minors are involved. The company suggested I re-read the rules to see if I could narrow down which picture was causing the road bump. The only thing I could consider was "wrong", was that I submitted a picture of Jax in his bathing suit, with his shirt off.  I guess that's borderline "inappropriate".  I submitted 2 of the same exact photos, took that one out and Jax, added a new photo, AND my "handsome bunny" was finally approved.

To view the photos, click on the words "GAPKIDS CLASS OF 2014" and then scroll down about halfway.  You will see his photo/video that the GAP made out of his photo submissions.  Press "play".