Sunday, August 10, 2014

Beach Treasures!

I started a fun, beach "tradition", the last time our family went to Myrtle Beach.  I call it... "Beach Treasures!" Basically, I capture photos of people or things, on the beach, that I consider to be sweet, comical, and/or interesting beach treasures.  Last time I went photographed beach treasures, they were golden gems.  This time however, the treasures were more like bronze or silver gems.  
 Canadian playing hockey in his speedo!
 Darren and I in about 40 years.  LOL!  Hopefully, thinner!
 This kid was ASKING for photos to be taken of himself. So, I walked right up to him and snapped away.
This was ALL I found this go round.  ONE DAY, I will publish a book of all of these amazing beach shots.  Will you buy my book?  LOL!