Monday, June 16, 2014

Beach Treasures

I'm considering, as many times as we go to the beach, capturing funny/fun shots of beach patrons and making a book out of it.  Urban Outfitters has all kinds of great/cool/funny books that are perfect for a coffee table.  I captured a few shots on this trip, some unique, some funny, some.... well.... I'll let you be the judge of them. Would you buy my book? LOL!

**Disclaimer** One photo may be inappropriate for your children to view.  

Pregnant lady sporting a sexy bathing suit.  Daring!
 Oh that hair!
 #hairychest #fisherman #cigarette #ponytail
 Drunk toddler?  LOL!  Just kidding, it was iced tea.
Hidden Hearts!
 Loved her figure!
 These boys were unique to capture.
This was a FUN way to spend my beach time.  I didn't start doing this until day #3.  I wish I had thought of it on day #1.