Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Mickey Mouse Wishes Our Family "Safe Travels"

As we were pulling into our airport's parking lot, our phone rang.  Mickey Mouse surprised us again by calling us for the second time.  This was the perfect way to begin our trip to Disney World.  The kids were speechless. I wish I had more of the recording, from that phone call, but my iphone has recently died and I lost all videos and photos. Sniff, sniff... However, I do have a small exert of the kids' reaction to the phone call.  If you'd like to see it, you'd have to follow me on instagram.  My screen name is bollingwith5.  If you already follow me, click on this link now. I am private on Instagram, so if you try clicking on the link it will NOT work, unless you "friend" me.
A special thanks to Clark for his expertise on replicating Mickey Mouse's voice.!!!!