Monday, June 16, 2014

Our FIRST Myrtle Beach Trip In 2014

We were finally able to take our FIRST beach trip of the year.  The day leading up to the trip and the entire way down, Lilah exclaimed, "I have butterflies. I am soooooo excited!"  She was super thrilled to finally be heading back to the beach after almost an entire year.  The kids are practically non-existent on the car ride, the weather was gorgeous, and the crowd levels were like a 3.  PERFECT!!!
 Above: Our beach shoes :)
Below: My wanna be fisherman with a net! It's his favorite beach hobby!
 And he catches fish EVERY TIME!!! 
 This girl STUNNED me. She's typically brave, but NOT this brave. 
She embraced the waves like there was no tomorrow and would barely leave the water.
 My Bay Watch girl!
 Digging holes... it's what boys do!
 Just relaxing. It's probably one of my favorite photos of all time of her!
 Jumping for joy in the waves.
 Darren went far out.  Now that's brave to me!
These two drifted far away, so they were walking back, closer to our beach spot.  Dr. Jeckle and Mr. Hyde.  I'll let you guess who's who?  Ty was upset because he had to get out of the water.  LOL!
 We always leave the beach and rinse off in the pool.  Here's my "4" kids doing cannon balls.
On the last day, we went to Myrtle Waves. Lilah stops to pose for a photo with Myrtle the Turtle.
Darren, Ty, and Jax rode the below water slide, but Lilah and I did not.  We BOTH have been on it before, but I just chose NOT to ride this time.  Lilah walked up the stairs three times and walked down three times too.  I'm stunned because she is normally the brave one.  Ty tried to bribe her multiple times.  He got her up there, but never could get her to actually ride it.  
 Jax rode it though and kept going back for more!
Check out Ty coming down!!!  There was endless amounts of laughter as you stand there and watch others come off of this slide.  One lady said, "You might want to turn your children around while I pick out my wedgie!"  LOL!
I actually made an appearance in our family vacation photos. Ignore the HIDEOUS sight.
Darren and Lilah race down the water slides together.  I love how Darren is in midair.
This is a photo I captured on our first day at the beach!!!  Beautiful clouds.
If you enjoyed these photos and wish to see them ALL... just double click on the picasa photo album below.  Enjoy the captions for more details!!!!! I just put a few of my favorite pics above, but there are so many good ones I did not include.