Sunday, June 8, 2014

Saying Goodbye To Un-FROG-gettable Friends!

Lilah and Jax really loved their classmates this year. They came home with a ton of stories and stories that made them laugh to the point where they couldn't finish their stories they would be laughing so hard. I had a BIG heart for so many of the girls and boys in their class because some of them came from broken homes.  I felt their pain as they would reach out to me for hugs (after school on the playground).  I wanted to say goodbye with a fun gift, as well as our phone number, so we could possible have a few playdates this Summer.
I started with these gift bags and I added cute frog stickers to the front of the bag. 

I wrote a note to their classmates using all kinds of fun, FROGGY terms.  I rolled up the note to mock a DIPLOMA.
I purchased some froggy art, off of etsy, and designed the "letter" to be a little more personable.
 It read: 
"You are one unFROGettable friend 
And we would TOADally love to hang out 
With you this summer!!!! 
Give us a call AND 
Maybe we can catch some flies or something!!!  
HOPPY Summer!" 
 What was inside the bag?
*Frog Art from AC Moore
*Colorful paint and a paint brush
*A frog apron
The boys received primary colors and the girls received neon colors.
The twin's class is called the "Fun Frogs", so when I spotted these colorful aprons, I had to grab them, 11 to be exact.
Teal for the boys and orange for the girls!
 I added googlie eyes to the frog sticker to give the bag a little more THRILL factor.
I really hope they don't FROG-et to call us!
The twins couldn't wait to paint their frogs. They use them as puppets :)