Sunday, June 8, 2014

Preschool - Graduation Morning!

Jax's hands!
The morning of the twins' graduation, I decorated the kitchen with some graduation decorations, as well as, set aside some special gifts for them.  
"God Bless You" graduate, stuffed owl!
 Kindergarten fun pad...$12.99 $7.87 at Sam's Club
 Cash for the Grad!
Build-A-Bear Graduate outfit.
A 2' Foot bubble wand!
 A graduate cap charm for Lilah's pandora bracelet.  
 And a frog charm since she was graduating from the "Fun Frogs" class.
 The breakfast table!
 Graduate napkins, plates, and sunglasses.
 Gotta love the Dollar Tree - a $1.00 lite up lantern.  Anywhere else it would have been $12.99
Congrats Grads - Lilah and Jaxon
 Another peak!
When Lilah and Jax came downstairs, to eat, they were so excited.  I love them because they are so appreciative.
 My handsome bunny!
 My silly girl!
After breakfast, I took a few pictures, because I knew there would be too much going on, after their end of the year program, to capture what I wanted. This was too BIG of a memory for me to not get on camera.  
Lilah and Jax... it is SOOOOO hard to believe you are through with preschool and off to bigger and better places.  You two will do awesome in Kindergarten.  I am super excited for you all to be in school with brother.  You will meet loads of friends and hopefully begin teaching others about our King. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You are TWO of a kind.