Monday, June 16, 2014

FUN Beach Shots!

Our family I am always looking for unique ways to have fun on the beach (as you saw in the last two posts).  Our family always enjoys trying out these photo tricks on the beach.  The beach patrons are always staring or coming up to us, asking what it is we are trying to do.  LOL!  Below is our little contortionist.  Hehe.  Not really.  Being Lilah and Jax are twins, they are proportioned fairly the same.  Lilah laid down and Jax laid on top of her.
 After a long day in the sun, Darren was dying of thirst, so I super sized his Coke Zero.
 And then fed  him a "little" lunch!
 We tried different containers.  I think he liked this container the best.  It looked the most realistic.  
Lilah lost her head in the sand.Please excuse my backside.  UGH!!!! For those of you who know me, and know me WELL, you KNOW I would NEVER normally show this side of myself.  LOL!  
And here are the ones we did last year!!!