Tuesday, June 17, 2014

All Stars!

This little guy was nominated to try out for the All Stars team and made it!!! Super excited.  Out of 20 players nominated to try out, the coaches chose 12, and our Ty Guy was ONE of them. Go Ty!!!!
Tonight is his first practice and he is READY TO GO!


  1. Grannae and I are so proud of Ty for making the team. We would have been proud of him just knowing how much he deserved the honor had he not been selected. When I see the sportsmanship that he exhibits by handing the bat back to an opposing player or cheering on a teammate it gives me an unbelievable feeling of pride. Ty exhibits character and attitudes way beyond his nine years of age. I have no doubt that he is just beginning to show us all what he is made of and that the future will really makes even more proud.
    We love you(and your siblings)
    Grannae and Granddad


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