Saturday, May 10, 2014

Orioles - Game #4

"You can't win them all!" is what I recall hearing when I was a child.  AND NOW, I am saying it to my son.  We truly can't win everything and last week's game was a prime example of that.  We lost to Craig County.  I can't recall the score, it was THAT BAD!  Hopefully this will give the boys an incentive to try harder and to stay focused for tomorrow's game!!!

I don't have it in me to narrate this group of pictures.  There are a ton and most all of them are action shots! I am posting a few of my favorites, like normal, and will embed a photo album below, so you can view them ALL if your little heart desires.
Ty was given the privilege to pitch a few innings, in this game.  He is still learning the ins and outs of the minor league, so he has a little more to learn and a lot of practice to do.  He didn't do AS WELL as we had hoped.

Gabe's face is so funny here. That's the, "I have it!" look.
Avone's face is hysterical too.  #puffedoutcheeks
 Lots of sliding going on!! Which only means... more LAUNDRY!
These two were not very happy!
 Win or lose, it doesn't matter!!!  Even in the "darkness" of our loss, HIS light is still shining bright!
Photo, compliments of Jax, believe it or not!