Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Look Up!

This was a very WELL produced and thought out video.  It hits the nail on the head without a doubt.  I always love  how these "anti-cyber" videos or posts are, unfortunately, administered via cyber or electronics.  How ironic. Maybe this individual should start exploring the avenue of going across the world to share his video with children in the public school system. The uprising generation would SURE benefit from it.  Fortunately, my generation played outside instead of staring at a screen.  I cannot say our children's generation comes close to being considered the generation that plays outside. 

It's up to US, as parents, to make sure the majority of our children's day is NOT spent staring "down".  It starts with our own staring "up" and being examples to them.  It's foolish to think that we can totally "logoff" completely.  It's just the way life is being run.... electronically, but I will say, I will do my best to put my phone down when my children, friends, and family are around. Simple things like, "looking up" at the grocery store clerk and asking him/her how her day was.  OR leaving your cell phone in the car when you take your children to the park.   I think there is NOTHING more rude than when you are trying to carry on a conversation with someone and they are staring into their phone.  It happens ALLLLLL the time to me! And I know that I am also not innocent.  I have done it to others before.  

One of my favorite lines in this video is this... 
"This media we call social is anything BUT..."
Basically, he's right!  It's causing us to be so introverted, self-centered, and self-promoted and ultimately making this country socially isolated unless it's centered around alcohol aka drunkenness.