Saturday, May 10, 2014

Small Group Goodies & Birthday Treats!

In honor of our dear friend, Jody, and her birthday, we were asked by her hubby, Brett, to dress like her! She's a southern girl, hip, up to date on all the latest trends, with a sweet hint of class.  She loves her hometown, in South Carolina, and Brett thought having the guys dress like him and the girls dress like her would cause her to feel like she was "at home".  
I wish I would have gotten more pictures.  I snapped this one of Erin.  She did the "relaxed, stay-at-home" Jody look.  She doesn't own a South Carolina hat, so she cut a palm tree and a moon out of construction paper and accessorized her hat to look like one Jody would wear.  

All of the guys wore button down untucked shirts, shorts, and flip flops.  

Some other things us girls wore, to replicate Jody, were: pearls, TOMs, monogrammed necklace, skinny jeans, and an Aeropostale shirt.
As usual, we had a nice selection of foods: homemade mac and cheese, chicken salad on garlic rounds, chocolate peanut butter brownies, banana pudding cupcakes, and cheese cake.
After small group was over, Daniel, Lilah, Ty, and Jax did the unthinkable in my home.  They jumped on the couch, as if it was a trampoline!  They were having so much fun, I couldn't stop it.  Daniel even had his shoes on.  Dennis and Shannon, PAYBACK is headed your way! And remember, I have THREE KIDS to your one.
 This is them without sugar. Imagine them WITH sugar.
 Daniel's face cracks me up here.
Just what we expected.  ALL GOOD THINGS MUST COME TO AN END!  It's always fun until someone gets hurt.  HAHAHA!!
I love EVERYTHING about our small group.  The kids, the parents, the fellowship, the lesson, the conversations, the sitters, and the memories that we make as we do life together.  Our common bond is our love for Christ.  We strive to remain obedient to God and continue to increase our knowledge of Him.  I'm going to take my camera out more often.  I am failing to capture these sweet moments every other Friday.