Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Goodbye Gifts For Preschool Teachers

It's always a challenge to come up with something unique for my children's teachers.  I can't bring myself to give a gift card (most of the time) or any sort of apple/teacher type gift.  I'm sure they appreciate the latter.

In addition to the "You Are One In A Million" printable, I decided on two other gifts...chocolate and jewelry, every woman's dream gift. :) Here's what Mrs. Cheryl, Mrs. Donna, and Mrs. Kelley received for their excellent guidance during the entire Pre-K year for Lilah and Jax:
Chocolate from our "Chocolate Paper" store.
Gosh that selection, below, looks so scrumptious.  
1. A milk chocolate covered pretzel drizzled with heath bar.
2. A white chocolate covered oreo with chocolate chips.
3. A salted caramel truffle.  
Each teacher has a pandora bracelet, so I thought it would be a nice idea to add a charm to it. Every time they wear the charm, they can think of Lilah and Jax.  
Jewelry never photographs well for me, but above and below, are the pandora initial charms that I bought for all three teachers.  
 I didn't unwrap all of the charms to photograph them, but we bought a C, D, and K!!!

Lilah, Jax, and I also worked on some sweet, homemade cards for Ms. Kelley, Ms. Donna, and Ms. Cheryl.
In the beginning of the year, Lilah ended up in Ms. Kelley's office more often than not. Ms. Krystal and Ms. Kelley would always be so kind and loving spoil her and she kept a record of that.  Anytime she was feeling sad or needed some extra attention, she knew just the way to act to get herself to eventually end up in Ms. Kelley's office.  Ms. Kelley and Ms. Krystal always loved on her with hugs and M&Ms.
Lilah and Jax's class was called the "Fun Frogs", so they made frog handprint cards for their teachers.  Lilah's handprint is on the left and Jax's handprint is on the right.  We added some lily pads, googlie eyes, and a flower. I am by NO MEANS an artist, so I was a tad embarrassed to have them deliver these cards.  Jax and Lilah kept saying, "You are such a good artist mom!"  LOL! Little do they know. I tried to throw these cards out, but Lilah threw a fit. She was so proud of them and could NOT wait to give them to her teachers.
 The inside of the card had some sentimental frogology!
The twins loved their teachers and the school director a ton, but I think they are really excited to be out of school and to be home, enjoying the summer with mom! I ask them everyday if they miss school and they say, "NO!!!!" I am sure that is every child's answer.