Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Embracing The Summer!

Summer, ahhh, the time when a teacher's job gets easier and a mom's job gets harder. I'll be transparent and say, I am not one of those mom's who "can't wait for the school year to end!" I am not ashamed to say that either. I am a better mom when I have some daily time away from my rugrats. I enjoy time away from my kids, to get my home in order, without distraction, feel human/adult like, workout, and even eat/pee in privacy.  All I need is 20 hours a week.  That's it AND I can still get that this summer IF I want to throw my kids in camp or pay $10 per hour for a sitter.  CAMP is out! I just can't submerge my children into an atmosphere they are not entirely familiar with, for a just a few days.  I'm sure I'll be relying on my sitter here and there, but for now, I am just trying to embrace motherhood and the Summer before ALL 3 of my children are gone from 7:04 am - 2:50 pm.  

Yesterday was our first FULL day of Summer, alone, without Ty or daddy, but we had to spend it running errands (the gym, Sam's Club, Target, Michael's, and home to unload).  We did enjoy some painting fun and, of course, the pool when Ty got home and then it was time for mom to cook dinner, homemade chicken stuffed shells.  YUMMY!  Even my kids enjoyed it -which is RARE.

TODAY, is our second FULL day of Summer and we are staying home, until this evening, and enjoying the home that the Lord has given to us.  I cooked the kids breakfast, we met with the Lord, did chores, and then went outside for some sidewalk chalk fun!
Jax and Lilah had me trace their bodies and they decorated/dressed themselves.  I hope you enjoy our sidewalk chalk "artistry" below.  LOL!  Lilah was so excited to be a part of this colorful scene for her daddy!
 Lilah (hand on hip)
Jax was very into designing himself and his buddy Cohen!
Cohen and Jax.
He even told me a story about why Cohen's hat (left) was not entirely on his head! "His hat is not on his head because he's about to jump on me!" LOL! I guess Cohen is in midair about to land on Jax.
Above: Don't you love the underarmor logo added?  That was at the request of Jax.  I told you... he's really into detail just like me.  

Below: Don't you love Lilah's figure?  LOL!  She drew herself a ton of accessories.  The first one, as you can see, was a necklace.
Darren, we value your handwork, your dedication to this family, your integrity, and everything else that goes unmentioned MOST days.  We LOVE you!