Saturday, May 24, 2014

"We Won The Lottery With You At Our School!"

Does anyone ever remember the janitor that keeps your child's school clean year round? I bet "he" gets unnoticed more often than not.  "Mr. Jerry" is the janitor at Bethel Baptist Preschool and my children love him and he truly loves the kids too.  He knows every single one of the students by name. I've done my best to include him in my preschool gift giving plans throughout the year. On the last day of school, Jax presented this lottery gift to him.  
  $15 in scratch off lottery tickets.
 They were inserted into this "pocket" made printable that read, 

"We Won The Lottery With You At Our School. Thank You For All That You Do!"
We attached a hand written note that read, "We will miss you a-lotto!" I love this gift simply because you choose the cost of the gift, according to your budget, and a $1 gift could potentially end up being a $5-$10,000+ gift.

If Mr. Jerry stops showing up to work, we will know why... he won the jackpot!!!! LOL!

If you like this idea and do NOT feel like re-inventing the wheel, then do what I did! Snag the above, adorable printable from the blog "Coupons Are Great" for FREE. I could have easily created my own printable, but limited time forced me to use one already created.