Thursday, May 1, 2014

Disney Easter Baskets

In honor of our upcoming trip to Disney, I designed the kids' Easter baskets to reflect an "all about Disney!" look. Here are the baskets and some detail about what was inside. The kids LOVED them!!!
Jax's Basket
Lilah's Basket
 Tyson's Basket
Inside the basket:
Each of the kids received the following... each item might have contained a different color or character, based on their gender or age, but I tried to keep it as even and "fair" as possible. Again, MOST all of the items were DISNEY charactered stuff...
1.   A snow globe.
2.   A pack of tissues
3.   A ball
4.   Sunglasses
5.   A disney junior sticker book
This book is not just FUN, it's also educational.  Retails on Amazon for $34.99, but I found it at Sam's Club for $7.47.
6.   A photo album
7.   A movie
8.   Pencils
9.   Sidewalk Chalk
10. Squnkies
11. A cup
12. Swirly straws
13. Mickey Mouse loom bandz (Ty)
14. Swim goggles
15. Stylus pen
16. Paddle Ball
17. Windmill
Shew!  That was a lot.  Notice no candy?  Yes, grandee bought out the Fresh Market's candy department, for our children, and I felt they didn't need anymore.  They didn't seem to notice or mind that their baskets didn't contain candy!