Friday, May 2, 2014

Baseball Season Has Begun - Orioles - Game #2

Due to our family vacation, to Disney, our family missed opening game day! Who would rather be on a baseball field over being in Orlando, Florida????  NOT ME!!!! Last night, Ty had HIS "first" baseball game of the season, against Mason's Cove. We were thrilled with the end result, score 8 to 2.  Go Orioles!!! I enjoyed the lighting on the field and captured some great shots of Tyson and his teammates.  Enjoy!!! If anyone is interested in coming to a game, shoot me an email.  I will send you the game schedule!!!

Below are a few of my favorite shots. You can view ALL of them by double clicking on the photo album, at the bottom of this post.  
Ty runs home!
Coaches console hurt player, hit by a ball, from a weak pitcher.  LOL!
Dawson also known as "Sunshine!"
Tyson as catcher.  Eli, cousin, as batter.  Makes these games a little more difficult when you play against a family member.
Gabe as pitcher.  Love the bubble gum!
Coaches D and Coach Nick!