Friday, May 2, 2014

Autograph Books

One of the biggest thrills for any Disney guest, trust me, we even saw adults getting into it, is meeting/greeting with the well-known characters.  And if that's not enough to satisfy the soul, and usually it isn't, the kids, and again grown-ups, LOVE receiving their autographs.  

Some people would be satisfied with a $1 disney notebook, from the Dollar Tree, and there's nothing wrong with that, but I wanted a book that was durable, affordable, as well as, creative/unique.  I searched and searched, for the book that was satisfactory to me.  I had three top sellers that I was interested in.  It was a very tough decision because each seller's books had some definite pros as well as a few cons.  

Allow me to share my top three choices, FIRST, and then I will tell you which seller I went with.  Not all of the sellers were from Etsy! 2/3 of them were though.
I liked this shop's autograph books because of the ribbons on the side and the detail that each page contained.  This seller took the time to add a cute image, such as the poisoned apple, on the page that Snow White would sign and I loved the 2-rings, making it easy to open.  Nothing OVER the TOP spectacular, but pleased me enough to inquire.  
I loved this shop's autograph books because the characters seemed very 3-D to me and beyond realistic.  I thought it was unique that each page the character signs is actually in the shape of the character himself/herself.  For instance, if the book's cover page was Pluto, all of the blank pages were in the shape of Pluto! This seller only added one ribbon and one ring, but it still added that extra homemade feel to the book.
After much research, this book was by far my top choice.  It was also highly recommended by the Disney Big Wigs.  You know, the people that can't get enough of Disney and go multiple times a year!?!?!  Crazies.  LOL!  Anyway, the one that was published in 2009 was very hard to find and if you did find one, usually on ebay, they were going for over $35 each.  I clearly wasn't willing to spend $120+ on autograph books.  They are about to release a new one, with updated characters (such as Elsa and Anna), in July 2014, but our trip was in April, so this book was NOT an pliable option for the kids. I was pretty bummed about it.  

I loved this autograph book for two reasons: 1. It's more than an autograph book.  It's a book with much detail about all of the Disney characters.  2. It's has multiple uses.  My children weren't aware of many of the characters, Alice In Wonder Land and Mad Hatter being two of them.  It would have been neat to have the characters put their signature next to the description of who they are, what movie they are in, etc.... OH WELL!I still plan to buy these for the kids when they come out.  The listing price for July is around $10.  MUCH BETTER.  Now, I can get 3 for less than the price of ONE of the older version.  

If you see below, Snow White signed the page that Snow White was on.  Pretty cool way to hold on to each character's autograph.
I would up going with Tinks Table Scraps. I ordered Goofy, for Ty, 
McQueen for Jax
Ariel for Lilah
They are ALL beautiful.  2 of them arrived slightly flawed and I was a little discouraged and unsatisfied, but when I contacted the seller, she was willing to redo the cover page, and they all eventually were completely FLAWLESS and gorgeous.  I'm not even kidding you when I say this, EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER that was allowed to talk, and even a few that weren't, were in AWE over these books.  The first question that was asked of me was, "Did you make these?"  I wish I could have said yes, lol! Most ALL of the characters said "I have NEVER seen these!"  They even exclaimed, "Out of all of the books we sign, daily, I have NEVER seen anything so creative, unique, and beautiful!"  So, in the long run, I am so glad I went with this seller.  If you do NOT see a character autograph book, on her site, that you want, I am sure she can't make just about anything.  

Here is ONE photo proving how much each character LOVED these homemade books. 
Goofy was so impressed that the entire book looked just like him.  Ty got a kick out of it.  Goofy even hugged his book!!!

How did these books hold up?  WONDERFULLY.  These books were ABUSED at Disney.  The front and back covers are HARD, THICK paper. They endured heat, sticky hands, water, and tons of turning the cover page from front to back.  They arrived home in ONE PIECE without any blemishes and they will be a beautiful memory for the kids for years to come.

Oh and by the way, because I know you just are dying to know, these books were given to the kids after one of our paper links, from our Disney, Countdown, Paper Chain, told us to go out and buy autograph books!!!!