Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Spa Party FOOD!

Okay, so I know the party pictures are very anticipated.  WithHisLightPhotography is incredible and after seeing the end result on film, I cannot wait to share the entire party, but you all are going to have to bear with me.  I plan to post this party in stages, so that NO DETAILS get left unnoticed or unappreciated.  I am going to start with the MOST insignificant part of the party, in hopes of getting you ramped up, for the best part... the birthday girl and her guests.  Sorry mommies of party guests, you'll just have to keep hanging on.
The Party Food
I have grown wiser, over the party planning years, in regards to the amount of party food I make available to my party guests. I am a full supporter of the saying "Better to have more and not need it, than to need it and not have it.", but I have also TRULY thrown out mounds of food aka money, at the end of a party, because I do not have the energy to rebag or box it up. So for this party, I chose to make exactly enough for 6 little girls and THAT'S it.
The menu normally is designed based on the birthday girl or boy, but this time I HAD to create some foods that went with the theme of the party.  Some foods were NOT Lilah's favorites, but in the end that wound up being a good thing because she discovered that she now LOVES carrots dipped in ranch.  

The Menu

Pizza - The pizza was included in the cost of the party price.  It's every kids' favorite main coarse, so I couldn't refrain from it. Pappa John's to be exact.

Glitzy PB&J's Sandwiches - Just incase I had a party guest who wasn't a fan of pizza, it has happened before, I know... crazy, AND because I wanted the food to match the party's theme, I made some fancy peanut butter and jelly sandwiches: high heels and princess crowns embellished with hot pink sixlets.
Fairy Wand Fruit Skewers - An easy way to make fruit enticing to eat.  I think only one wand got left uneaten.  It was probably my daughter's wand.  LOL! Starting from the bottom up: grapes, a heart shaped strawberry, kiwi, and watermelon in the shape of a star.
Nail Files and Cotton Balls - The "nail files" were actually strawberry, wafer cookies.  I used both white cheddar cheese balls, as well as, strawberry marshmallows as the "cotton balls".
Cucumbers, Carrots, and Ranch Cups - Every spa girl desires some fresh veggies, right? I thought these came out very colorful.  The veggies were so crisp and fresh. Thanks Fresh Market. I am so excited this food item gave Lilah the opportunity to try carrots and ranch.  Seeing her friends eat them, made it appealing to her. Now, she has a new, healthy, crunchy snack to eat, instead of always reaching for a crunchy cracker or chip.
Edible Flowers - I bought blocks of cheddar cheese (kraft) and used my pampered chef floral cutter to cut the cheese into flower shapes.  I inserted a toothpick, into the center of the flower, and stuck a blueberry down the center.  So cute!!!
Drinks - Mini "Spa" water bottles, as well as, blue punch, with a fun embellishment, a paper straw. The mini, milk jugs were purchased at Michael's for $1.99 each.  I will enjoy using these for many other future events.
Funny Charlotte below!
Kate and Vivian (sisters).
All but two photos above are compliments of WithHisLightPhotography. Thank you Shannon! You are an incredible photographer... you know that though, right?

To view the rest of the party food, in detail, please double click on the photo album below.  Enjoy the captions for your reference. FYI, if you haven't already noticed, the other detail not yet mentioned above, are the party plates.  Originally, I wanted to use a solid color plate, but when I spotted the Frozen plates, I knew Lilah would be thrilled AND she was. She thought she was having a Frozen party. :) That little detail made the party a little more "kid friendly" and fun.