Monday, April 14, 2014

She's Going To Be A Princess Like The Rest Of Them...

It was so difficult to put a halt to purchasing all of the Disney accessories I spotted, in our local stores, for Lilah.  For girls, it is totally endless. Here are some of the items I bought for her, for the trip.  The princesses will think she's just lovely :)
Minnie Mouse Flip Flops - Disney.Com
Minnie Mouse Sunglasses - Disney.Com
Minnie Mouse Comb & Mirror - Dollar Tree 
Minnie Mouse Bracelets - Toys R Us 
Mickey Mouse Light Up Ring - Walgreens
Minne Mouse Panties - Sears
Minnie Mouse Lip Balm With Charm - Walgreens
Minnie Mouse Necklace
Minnie Mouse Sterling Silver Earrings
These  were a birthday gift, from the Shelor family, at Lilah's 1st birthday party! Lilah finally gets to wear them.  Yea!!!!!