Monday, April 14, 2014

Disney World Attire & Toys - To Be Bought Before Hand

We all know, near or far, wherever you go on vacation, prices sky rocket and are price gauged.  I recall my first diet coke, almost 3 years ago, at the Atlantis Resort, in the Bahamas.  Darren and I were on our second honeymoon and I ordered a diet coke and I almost choked when the waitress told me $6.00.  I even recall saying, "I didn't want rum in it!" She didn't think that was funny, but I wasn't trying to be.  

In an effort to not be made a fool of, in Orlando, I have purchased many items locally that for sure will be necessities and/or "wants" while visiting the parks.  I am happy to announce that MANY of these items were only $1.  That's a royal steal when you are buying everything X 3.
Authentic Minnie Mouse "Ears" Hat
These adorable hats were actually given to the twins by the Higginbotham family, for their 1st birthday.  The "Higgs" had just gotten back from Disney (wow, that was 4 years ago) and they gave these hats to them as their gift. It was no coincidence. Lilah and Jax's first birthday was a Mickey/Minnie party.  How appropriate.
Authentic Mickey Mouse "Ears" Hat
The twins finally get to use them!!!! I considered buying Ty one too, but I am not sure he will wear it.  I see him, more so, wearing the ever so famous goof "ears" hat.
 Minnie Mouse Bubbles
 Mickey Mouse Bubbles
A definite need for those times we are standing in lines for several minutes (30+ minutes). This will keep them entertained. We will either annoy the other "line waiters" or entertain them. As you can see, I am doing ALL that I can to minimize the whining and boredom. YES, that will still happen in a very magical place.
 Minnie Mouse Flash Light
 Mickey Mouse Flash Light
Perfect for those late nights at the theme parks.  They can help us guide the way :)
 Minnie Mouse Glow Wand
Mickey Mouse Glow Wand 
 Minnie Mouse Light Up Spinner aka Fan
 Donald Duck Light Up Spinner
 Mickey Mouse Light Up Spinner
 Bow-tique Tattoos
 More Glow Sticks
 Glow Wands
Minnie Mouse Light Up Badge 
Minnie Mouse Goggles - For Resort Pools 
 Jake & The Never Land Pirates Goggles
"Awesome", [Heart] Shaped, & Skull/Bones Glow Sticks
For more details, please enjoy the photo album below.  The captions can be used as a great resource for where each item was purchased.