Saturday, April 19, 2014

Jesus PAID It All - Craft!

Today's Easter craft related to our Savior and King... Jesus Christ.  I tried to incorporate the gospel into all of our crafts this year.  We will still do the traditional Easter Egg hunt and Easter baskets, but our Savior will be worshiped first.
Wooden Crosses
Metallic Copper Paint
Shiny Coins 
I purchased a roll of pennies at Walgreens and soaked them in vinegar for a few hours.  That produced the shine!!! They were FILTHY before soaking them.
First, paint the wooden crosses copper, with copper metallic paint.  You could really use any color you desire, but I thought having the cross match the pennies would make it look classier.
 Working very carefully!
Ty was at baseball.  We saved him a cross to make on Easter Sunday!
 After painting the crosses, our paper towels aka placemats, had a cross shaped shadow. I utilized it properly.  LOL!
 The finished craft.
 Paid in full!
 Wooden Crosses: $1.00, Metallic Paint: $1.99, Pennies: .42 cents = 3.41