Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter Eggs To [Dye] For!

The twins were NOT familiar with our tradition of dying Easter eggs apparently.  Every time I said, "Tomorrow we are going to dye Easter eggs!", "In just a little while we are going to dye Easter eggs!", "Ok, mommy is going to set up the table to dye Easter eggs."  the twins would give me the most dumbfounded look and respond with "What do you mean we are going to [die] Easter eggs!"  LOL!  I always had to replace the word "dye" with color, for them to realize we were going to kill eggs.

I had a few changes in our coloring eggs this year.  My favorite one was using a WHISK instead of a spoon or that awful flimsy "dipper".  BRILLIANT idea.
I also chose to use clear cups so the kids could see what color dyes were in each cup.  I loved this.  It made our table egg-stra colorful!!
 Here is our secret, for dipping, egg-sposed!
 Ty looks egg-sactly like his daddy here.
 Another new addition is the use of sharpie markers.
 Dipping in a daze!
 My two handsome bunnies!
 I love that Darren is always willing to be a part of the holiday fun with us.  Such a family man!
 Easter Hoppenings!
Egg-stra Cute!
 Easter Egg-spert!
 Art to the egg-streme.
Easter Egg-citement!

I loved these eggs this year because they had a very important message on them.  I didn't snap any photos of the kids' eggs yet.  When I do, I'll upload them back to this post.