Saturday, April 19, 2014

Bunny Food & Carrot Patches!

Today, bright and early, 7 am to be exact, I woke up and started cooking, baking, crafting, and more... I went 12 hours straight. 7 am - 9 pm (with a two hour break to go get my nails done with my Liley-Bo).  

The first thing I "baked" was chocolate covered pretzels, to appear as carrots!

Orange Chocolate Melts
Pea Green Chocolate Melts
Pretzel Rods
I chose to cut the pretzel rods, just slightly.  I didn't want an over grown pretzel carrot.  I cut about 1/3 of the pretzel off with a serrated knife.  
 The photo below shows the before, the after, and the section that was cut off.
 Melt the orange chocolate in a small 8" jar or glass.
 Dip 1/2 of pretzel into orange chocolate, lay on parchment paper, and allow to cool.  
Using a toothpick, make 3 indentions in the orange chocolate to give it a "carroty" look.
 Then, turn the pretzel upside down and dip the rest of the pretzel in the pea green colored chocolate.
 Grind oreos.  We used our awesome Vitamix blender.
 The oreos act as the "dirt" for the carrot patch.
My family laughed at me as I was so giddy after snapping this photo and exclaimed, "I LOVE it when things turn out as planned!" The cups of grass were done by Lilah and Jax at school.  They just happened to be sitting on the counter, along with our sweet potatoes and red bliss potatoes.  They were great photo props!!!
 I am giving this bunny food to a few little bunnies that I love, tomorrow, on Easter Sunday!!

The "bunny food labels" were used from Jacks and Kate blog!