Saturday, April 19, 2014

An Egg-Stra Special Wreath!

I wanted to make one of my best friends and children's director of our children's ministry (Erin Carroll) a gift for Easter.  I wanted to give her something small to express a BIG thanks for all that she does for the little learners that we shepherd.  My idea started with something for Easter.  It then turned into a homemade wreath, BUT... it was going to be a circular egg wreath.  At the very last moment, a light bulb went off... "I KNOW... I'll make a cross-shaped wreath. PERFECT.

Supplies Needed:
A Large Cardboard Box - FREE
Plastic Eggs - $2.00 ($1.00 per bag)
Grass - $1.00
Hot Glue Gun
 With no directions in hand, I promise, I didn't even look it up on google or pinterest, I got to work. Tracing a cross onto a very large cardboard box. I just happened to be at AC Moore when they were emptying boxes. :) SCORE!
 Here my hubby is holding up the cross shaped cardboard that I cut out.
 Hot glue eggs onto cardboard, in any order you desire. I suggest making sure they are all going in the same direction.
 Almost done!
 Hot glue empty spaces and insert grass into gaps, where you can see cardboard.  I used a pencil (the eraser side) to help stick the grass to the glue so I didn't burn my fingers.
This wreath was in desperate need of a haircut.  So I went to town on it's hair! I felt like Edward Scissor Hands.
 The evidence.
All done!  I have a few areas that still need a tad more grass. I ran out of hot glue.  Boooo! So I will deliver this wreath, as is, to Erin tomorrow.  I am enclosing some extra grass, a few extra eggs in chase the others ever fall off, and a second cross cut out for her to glue to the back for reinforcement. I hope she likes it!