Monday, April 14, 2014

Disney Pin Trading Preparation!

I am really interested in partaking in the Disney pin trading hobby with my children.  I did my own research and investigated the pros and cons etc.  I think this "event" will be a great distraction away from any long lines we have to endure, be it for rides or possibly for food snacks. It will also be a great way to get our family involved in an activity together.  

What is pin trading?

Disney Pin Trading is an exciting, interactive experience where Disney guests can trade Disney pins with Disney Cast Members and other Guests. It's fun for the whole family and CREATES cherished "pin pals" to last a lifetime! Start a new collection or exchange pins for the ones you've always wanted. These make unique souvenirs as well.  

What I love so much about this experience is that the kids will look forward to interacting with the Disney cast members AND the cast members are NOT ALLOWED to tell them no!!! So, if they have a pin that is phenomenal in comparison to a junky one that the kids own, the cast member has to trade it.  I LOVE THAT!!!  This is right up my childrens' alley.  Especially Ty.  He is a total bargainer.  

To read every detail about pin trading, go to the official Disney pin trading website. 
The pins can get VERY expensive. Some pins, sold at disney, can be anywhere from $12.99 - $24.99 per pin. I found a reputable company on Ebay that sells the pins in "lots".  So, I bought a lot of 75 pins (25 per kids) for around $60.00.  What a steal.  The seller actually sent me more than 75.  They sent me 89 pins.  I was honest and told the company and the company said it was purposeful.  
"We typically send a few extra pins to ensure, if we do send some duplicates, it makes up for the hiccup."  
What company did we buy from?  
Each pin arrived in individual baggies!
We bought from Four Js Ltd. I am very please with the pins and didn't even have one duplicate, so the extra 14 pins was a huge blessing.  
A few of the pins I don't recognize or I dislike, but my travel agent told me that that is actually a good thing.  If you had 75 pins you LOVED, it would be very difficult to desire to trade them.  
The kids don't know about this fun plan, to trade pins, yet.  I have a HUGE Disney Easter egg hunt planned and I have already filled 75 eggs with the pins I purchased.  After they receive the pins, I will explain all of the details to them.  I am sure they will get RIGHT TO WORK trading them amongst themselves.  

The pins are collected and placed on lanyards, which hang around your neck.  Seems easy enough... no?
Ty's landyard (Mickey and Friends)
A princess lanyard for our princess.
Each lanyard has a clear back, where ticket stubs, photo id, or emergency contact information can be placed. Attached to the lanyard is a zipper pouch.  The kids can even store their pressed penny's in here.  Ha! I am so glad I just thought of that.
Jax's Disney Cars lanyard.

Enjoy the photo album below.  The captions can be used as a reference for any questions you may have.