Sunday, April 13, 2014

Disney Travel Bags + Items...

Again, I have been collecting items ever since we booked our trip.  Today's post is about their airport/airplane travel bags. Since I am doing these blog posts in phases, their airport bags don't seem as full as I thought, but it is certainly ENOUGH to keep them quiet and content.  Plus, they will be bringing their new tablets with them too.

I don't believe keeping the kids occupied, on the airplane, will be difficult.  Fortunately, our flight leaves at 11:05 am and gets into Orlando at 2:30 pm-ish.  As you can see... we have a very short lay over. Regardless, I am fully prepared for their time spent on the airplanes and in the airports.  I really shouldn't hear, "What can I do?" or worse, "I'm bored!"  

Here are the items...
Mickey Mouse Journal
They can play tic-tac-toe, practice their writing their letters, or even write notes to Mickey & Minnie.
Minnie Mouse Journal
 Mickey Mouse Play Pack
 Inside these packs contain a mini coloring book, stickers, and crayons.
Minnie Mouse, Paper Doll, Play Pack 
This is different from all of the other play packs I have seen. This one is a paper doll play pack. It provides different outfits, in sticker form, to dress up Minnie Mouse however your little heart desires.
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Color Wonder Sheets
 Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Word Search Book
 Minnie Mouse Coloring Book
 Mickey Mouse & Friends Coloring Book
 Minnie Mouse Puzzle
Below: color your own puzzle!
 Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Puzzle
 Minnie Mouse Pencils
 Mickey Mouse Pencils
 Who Was Walt Disney? Book
 Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse Markers
 Minnie Mouse Pencil Pouch
 Minnie Mouse Pen
 Disney & Friends Stamps
Twistable Pastel Crayons
Fun and easy to use crayons! 
Disney Eraser Pens
 Disney Stylus Pens For Their Tablets
 Silly Putty
Disney Character Leap Reader Books & Pen
We have several of these leap reader books.  We are never home long enough to enjoy them together, so I look forward to being forced to sit still, on an airplane, so I can use these books with the kids.  We have Doc McStuffins and Ariel.  Maybe I should go buy a few boy titles.
 Disney Plush Blankets
 A little something Disney to keep the kids warm on the airplane and in the resort at night.  
 Disney Cars Headphones
 Minnie Mouse Headphones
I'm already anticipating a little bit of comedy with these headphones.  The kids have no idea that when they are wearing them, they have to talk softly, otherwise their voices will be reallllllllly loud.  The entire airplane may get an ear full of Lilah's singing if she forgets :)

Finally, what will ALL of these items fit in?  Well, I am so glad you asked :) My best friend Ashely purchased Lilah and Jax personalized travel cinch bags for their birthday. I went ahead and purchased one for Ty as well! Such a perfect & priceless addition to our traveling plans. All of the bags were purchased on ETSY.  The photos were taken with my cell phone and do them NO JUSTICE.  I hope to snap a picture of the kids wearing them soon.  Hey maybe in 10 days :) while we are in Disney. Great idea!!!
I hope you have enjoyed peaking at their airplane goody bags.  If you desire to know more, just double click on the photo album below.  Enjoy the captions as a reference. I listed the name of each store, that each item was purchased at.