Sunday, April 13, 2014

Disney World Resort Companions

Vacation is NOT always what it's cracked up to be. Before vacation, you spend weeks preparing/planning for the trip. When you arrive, to your destination, you are out of your normal environment, eating unhealthy foods in excessive amounts, staying up late, sleeping little, hanging out in the hot sun, standing in lines, and running ragged.  Unless you are on your honeymoon of course, then you are just plain relaxing. Normally, like "they" say, "You need a vacation, after your vacation!"  Vacation can be very taxing on your mind, body, and soul. help my children, I have packed a few Disney companions/comforts, to help their 6 day vacation feel more like a homey/relaxing vacation than a stressful one.
Minnie & Mickey "Blankies"
Both Lilah and Jax sleep with and occasionally carry a blanket similar to these, but those daily "blankies" have teddy bear heads instead of Disney character heads. I will be replacing their night time blankets with these, on our Disney trip.
Disney Night Lights
I think packing night lights is a brilliant idea.  I highly doubt after a long day at the parks, anyone will get up in the middle of the night, but just incase, these night lights will help guide the way.  The night light above is an LED projector night light.  It contains the Disney, "fabulous five", characters which project onto the wall or ceiling, as you sleep! And of course, our little princess needs a princess night light.  Sophia the First!
Disney Tervis Cups With Lids
Being away from home, in a hotel/resort, can be very difficult, especially at night.  All of your normal conveniences, such as your stocked refrigerator, is not available. Darren has a million "comforts"/routines that he must have in order to sleep right. A noise maker, HIS pillow, chapstick, a dark room, a tall glass of ice water are just to name a few. I will fill up these Tervis cups, with ice water, before we head to bed each night. The kids can get re-hydrated from the long day at the park!!!
 Minnie & Mickey Mouse Stuffed Animals
These large, stuffed animals will be enjoyed both on the airplane, as well as, in "their" beds each night.
Disney Magic Towels/Wash Clothes
I'm a little weirded out by resort towels/wash clothes.  Of course, we will still be using them, but I thought these wash clothes were an adorable addition to bring for the kids.
Disney Bath Squirters
Disney 3-in-1 Wash
Body Wash
Disney Character - Electric Tooth Brushes
The kids will get a kick out of our Disney bathroom accessories!!!!  It just makes the trip that much more magical.

After I finish packing, I may find a few more "companions" that I bought or stashed away for the trip, but are possibly hiding from the kids right now. Keep checking back.  Our trip is in 11 days.